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iCareHealth's solutions are tailored by sector type and are exclusively for social care organisations specialising in care homes, supporting people, mental health, learning disability and home care.

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iCareHealth delivers comprehensive, robust and innovative software designed to help social care organisations enhance the delivery of their care services.

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eMAR and eMM – What is the difference?

| 05 Feb 2016

Electronic medication management has become a hot topic in recent years as the greater use of digital and information technology is expanding into the care home sector.

However, a concrete understanding of this specific technology seems to be lacking, with the terms ‘electronic medication management’ and ‘electronic medication administration records’ often used very loosely and sometimes interchangeably. The difference between the two terms is actually quite significant.

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Choose the right software for social care: assessing your situation

| 05 Feb 2016

Whether you’re just looking to make upgrades to existing software, or planning to overhaul your entire care management system, choosing the right software to implement can be a daunting process. Especially considering the resulting effects the wrong decision can have on your organisation.

But with so many software providers promising you the world, and so many solutions to choose from, how do you decide which provider is going to be right for you and your organisation?

Well, first things first. It is very challenging to determine whether a specific technology or software solution is the right one, without first gathering the evidence to assess your specific situation.

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3 common barriers to the uptake of technology (and ideas for solving them)

| 05 Feb 2016

Over the next few decades, significant demographic changes will convert the dynamics of our population and unleash unparalleled demand on the adult social care sector. As our ageing population swells, the impact of the demographic force will see a greater call for complex, personalised services that support individuals and their families to live fulfilling and independent lives in their communities.

Against this background, financial, compliance and workforce challenges are also the norm for many social care providers in the UK.

The upward trend of pressure on the social care sector shows no sign of subsiding and in such circumstances, it is more important than ever that providers utilise information and digital technology in order to thrive in the new social care landscape.

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