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Home Truths: Social care providers are feeling the pressure whilst older people are paying the price

| 22 Sep 2016

This report, published jointly with the Nuffield Trust, looks at the current state of social care services for older people in England, through a combination of national data and interviews with local authorities, NHS and private providers, Healthwatch and other groups. It considers the impact of cuts in local authority spending on social care providers and on older people, their families and carers. Alongside this work, we were commissioned by the Richmond Group of Charities to interview older people about their experiences of social care.

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What makes a good home care manager – are you the right person for the job?

| 20 Sep 2016

Home care in the UK employs over 10,000 Registered Managers. Sector Recruitment expert Neil Eastwood considers what characteristics are required to make the role a success.

The role of a Registered Manager in any social care setting is a challenging one, with the often competing pressures of delivering high quality care (as well demonstrating that to the Care Quality Commission), keeping a variety of stakeholders happy, returning a surplus or profit and recruiting, retaining and inspiring a low paid workforce.

I would argue it is made harder still in a home care setting because your staff are mostly lone-working in the community so rostering and motivating them is all the more difficult. The service is also much more exposed to factors outside your control such as transport difficulties, adverse weather and so on.

So home care Registered Managers are a pretty special bunch. I have personally met over 1,000 of them and even more have had their personality traits mapped for our psychometric screening tool, PeopleClues. So what makes a great home care manager?

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